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Great Basin Solar Coalition

On July 31, 2015, NV Energy submitted a motion to the Nevada Public Utility Commission (NPUC) requesting a change in rates for Net Metering customers in accordance with SB374. Dockets 15-07041 and 15-07042 were created and preliminary hearings scheduled. Members of the local Northern NV solar industry recognized that the proposed changes could dramatically affect installers and their clients.

Northern Nevada solar contractor owners and managers quickly banded together to form the Great Basin Solar Coalition (GBSC). The Coalition’s first objective was to secure a position as an Intervenor within the NPUC dockets. This allowed GBSC to submit testimony and evidence as a party to the proceeding. GBSC’s positions are closely aligned with other parties in this process. While the parties have some variability in their positions, they largely agree that the new rates impose punitive costs to existing solar owners and destroy the viability of investing in rooftop solar. Significantly, the Bureau of Consumer Protection is also aligned with our positions.

The result of the PUC’s final decision has ended Nevadan’s ability to afford a solar system. This blocks Nevadans’ rights to generate their own clean energy and has destroyed the Nevada rooftop solar industry. Nevada solar contractors have ended their operations in the Nevada residential market, resulting in dramatic job losses and business closures. Over 19,500 Nevadan households currently own rooftop solar systems. These citizens will never see the Return on Investments they expected. Many will experience far larger bills than they had before purchasing solar. These are financial losses in the tens of thousands of dollars per customer!

GBSC will be participating in the Judicial Review process to overturn this disastrous decision by the PUC. No Solar Tax PAC, of which GBSC is a member, has authored a ballot referendum so Nevadans can vote to repeal the punitive rates on solar owners. We have been discussing this issue with Nevada Legislators as well, pushing them to call a special session to address this issue before the solar industry is completely eliminated from the state. We are in a tough fight for your rights to use clean energy. Your membership in the GBSC strengthens our voice, showing our Representatives that we stand united in support of a clean energy future in Nevada. It’s free and simple, just click the button and add your voice!

Mission Statement:

  1. To promote clean, renewable solar energy in Northern Nevada
  2. To educate our community about the benefits and implementation of green energy
  3. To help protect the rights of Nevadan ratepayers to obtain fair and equitable net metering arrangements from local utilities
  4. To encourage energy generators and distributors to maximize the use of clean energy resources while reducing fossil-fuel based generation
  5. To advocate for clean energy legislation at the local, state, and federal government level